Different Security Homes Available in Market

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A home security safe is not only a wise decision but also a good investment. Many homeowners get security alarms installed in their house but they still need security safes for adding extra security to their belongings. These security safes promise extra protection to the belongings. However, most people are not aware about the types of security safes available in the market and end up making wrong decisions, which might put the belongings at risk.

There are a lot many home security safes available that are designed to provide different form and degree of protection. Such as the fire resistant safes that have been specially designed for protecting the valuable documents and record files. Cash, deeds, tax information, cash and similar types of paper records are protected against fire in these security safes. These safes are given ratings according to the time and degree of heat they can resist. There are mainly three categories, first is class A that is the best with resistance up till four hours, second is Class B that is for 2 hours and last is Class C that is capable for only one hour.

There are fire resistant security media safes that have been manufactured to secure the media files like pictures, CD’s, video tapes, floppies and similar items of plastic against fire. These media files are heavily insulated as these files have lower burning temperature when compared to documents on paper.

There are burglar resistant home safes that are obviously for protection against thieves. Even these safes come with different ratings according to the time it will take for thieves to break-in using different weapons or methods. The ratings have a wide range of fifteen to sixty minutes with methods of burglary being hand or picking tools and explosives respectively.

There are also security safes that are both fire and burglary resistant. They are obviously for protection in both the cases. It is important that ratings and criteria of rating for each kind of safe is well understood in order to help one make the right decision. Mainly the ratings are on the basis of time period for which they offer protection and which one to go for will only depend on your need and also the safety of your locality. Look for the safes with UL rating as they are tested under various conditions and they launched in the market. It is an important decision so search carefully.

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